Some new locations default to Australia

I’ve picked up and corrected a number of user errors where new locations default to Australia (fair enough, your home-turf). Australia is the default and selected country in the “Add Location” dialogue boxes. An example is as follows:

Can a new entry be created as the default but hidden country to force a valid selection?

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Thanks for raising this, our validation in the UI should be rejecting this.

The “happy path” workflow is for the user to position the marker then accept the address guess, or adjust the address themselves. We shouldn’t be accept this data submission at all, but clearly we are.

If a submission is made and sits in the queue for long enough (several days) it will be automatically published if no editor approves/disapproves it. I suspect this is what happened here.

FYI, this is still happening:
(I’ve submitted the correction)

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Thanks, I’ve added a “temporary” fix to our API, so regardless of what the app does the API won’t accept this type of input (e.g. incomplete address info or specifically trying to mark something as being in Australia when it’s clearly not). I don’t have time to properly work on accurate country lookups as validation, because it’s a surprisingly hard problem especially for disputed territories and complex borders. Some effort was made to do that sort of thing in our imports (shapefile lookups etc) but it turned out to be unreliable.