Removing plug type from station listing?


I have sent in edits a few times for a charging station near me. The listing on OCM says that there is a CCS (Type 1) handle in addition to the CHAdeMO handle, but the Nissan dealership has ripped it off and the station definitely has no CCS (Type 1) handle anywhere on it. I’m afraid someone needing a CCS (Type 1) handle may navigate there thinking they will get a free charge and then be stuck using the nearby Type 1 (J1772) handle for a long time instead.

I have sent in edits removing that handle, but after several weeks it still shows that it has it. How can I get this fixed? I go there a couple of times a week and I am 100% positive there is no CCS (Type 1) handle. The station has a little slot for the handle to go, but again, the Nissan dealership that owns the station has removed it. I have even added a photo to back this up.

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks, that looks to be a bug, I can’t get ti to remove it either. I’ve temporarily changed the type to J1772.

Thank you. There is a lot of other info on there that is inaccurate as well, and I’ve sent edits but they don’t seem to get through.

The CHAdeMO is capped at 50 amps, or 20kW. It’s not 40kW.

The two J1772 plugs are 6.6kW or 27.5 amps at 240 volts.

The station is accessible 24/7 to the public, all makes and models, not just during business hours and no need to call ahead.

Thanks Ben, I’ve updated your account to be a Country Editor for the US, so your edits should take affect quickly (immediately in the database but it can take 5 mins for results in the app/web to show changes).

The bug with removing equipment has been fixed and it would be great if you could try your edit again to check.