Reminder: home chargers are not to be listed on OCM

Hi, reviewing some recent data changes please can all editors be aware that home chargers are not to be added to the Open Charge Map dataset. Please add these to PlugShare etc instead.

We cannot control our data once it has been distributed, so we cannot therefore prevent organizations etc using personal information that has been published on OCM and as a result we would fail to comply with data protection laws in most countries.

Do not add (or allow others to add) personal information to OCM (your personal phone number, email address, home address etc).

I will review my country for home chargers on OCM, how should we proceed if we find home chargers ?

How identify a home charger ? :thinking:

If it says, “this is my house, contact me to charge” etc.

If you don’t see anything that suggests it’s someone’s house then feel free to publish it. If you suspect it is someone’s house then check it out on google maps, and if its clearly a house on a residential, don’t approve the listing.

While it’s tempting to see “open data” as “anything can be published”, but we can’t publish someones home address etc especially if they then move out and people are turning up at that house for years to come expecting a charge.

If using you can set it to Decommissioned but the best way currently is to edit it from the main website (e.g.) the Edit Listing button on then choose Submission Status : Delisted - Not Public Information