Reminder: API Keys are mandatory

Hi Folks,

If you are developing something that consumes data from Open Charge Map using our API you must use an API key. This identifies your application to us and allows us to communicate with you if you need to change or moderate your API usage. If you fail to use an API key and make repeated requests your application may eventually get banned. This is to protect the service for all users.

If you wish to use our API:

If you have a question, ask.


  • API Keys will be enforced in March 2021. All read requests will require an API Key.
  • We have instances of API users making 60,000 requests per hour, this is not sustainable for us. We will implement more auto-banning features in the future. If you need to make thousands of queries please run your own API mirror. Here is a user contributed docker file: GitHub - ev-freaks/ocm-mirror: Run an OCM (Open Charge Map) Mirror using Docker


I am considering requiring all API users who need to make many API request (many thousands of queries per month) to be on a paid Subscription for API access. Currently there are some users who are circumventing API Key bans and continuing to make a high volume of queries.

All API users are still free to run their own API mirror at their own cost, or use the clone of our data hosted on github instead of using our hosted API.

Running our systems costs a few thousand dollars per year, currently this is paid for by myself/ my company.

Any objections please note them here.

Reminder: API Keys are now mandatory for API use.