Regional settings for distances and dates

Is there a place (in my profile) where I can set that I prefer to see distances in kilometres and dates as YYYY-MM-DD ?

In the Places nearby section (e.g. for I see “1.48 Miles” which requires some computation.
Also, shows dates as “8/11/2020 5:19:00 PM” which require more parsing than the simple ISO format.

Long term I’m not entirely sure if we’ll keep the web version of the POI details (vs the app/web app version) as it requires maintaining two codebases. You can configure miles/kilometers in the app but not on the website. When I started building this I lived in the UK (miles) and now live in Australia (KM) so although I understand the issue it’s not a big priority for me to do the work to change it. You could suggest a PR for the units preference but I wonder if it’s more work than it’s worth. Date formats could just be YYYY-MM-DD and that would probably be enough for anyone. Again though, I’d rather we port this feature to the app so people can manage their contributions there.

If I understood you:

  • ( is to be retired as POI management in the near future
  • the codebase is used for both the native mobile app and the Ionic/Angular/TypeScript web app.

I can’t see the miles/kilometers preference in the Android app, nor on

Yes, that’s right. I don’t know of the site version of POI management will be retired any time within the next 12 months but if we needed to make any significant changes to our data model these would not be implemented in the /site ( mvc) editor and would instead only be implemented in the app. Yes the app is the same codebase for the map web app and the mobile (installed) app.

You are correct, the miles/kilometers preference was in an old version and I thought it had made it’s way to the new version, but it hasn’t. I could be wrong but I think we only currently show miles/km in the app using the editor and even then it’s just a general indication to make sure you’re not about to add a duplicate. So in short, I don’t currently care enough about miles/kilometres to go to any effort of my own to make changes, but feel free :slight_smile: