Recently uploaded images do not appear anymore

Hello, I noticed that for a few days now I’ve been uploading images but then they don’t appear, you can see from here that it’s not just my problem: , only the comments appear but not the images. can you check? thanks

Thanks, it doesn’t seem to be working for me either. I’ll investigate now.

Ok, that’s fixed now. I’d recently updated the image library we use for resizing and it was returning a null image - this all happens after your upload has completed so to you it looks like it’s all OK, but we then fail to process the image in the queue.

We have about 54 images sitting unprocessed but I’ll need to write a tool to import those, feel free to re-upload any you want to manually and I’ll try not to import any duplicates.

Normally you can just click the refresh icon a few seconds after your upload to see the results (click the plus, then click the refresh icon):


Our background process just resizes the images then uploads them to AWS so normally that doesn’t take long (and if it takes more than 30 seconds it indicates a problem).

Note you can also see and manage the list of all the images you have (successfully) uploaded on via ‘my profile’ > ‘my uploads’’