Queue for approval of new charging locations

Yesterday I added four charging locations near me (1 ChargePoint, 1 Electrify America, 1 EV Connect, and one local business with 2 non-network j-1772 Clipper Creek EVSEs.

Today I notice that two of the four locations have shown up on the map, so I added the photos I took for those. Today I also found an Electrify America location that is not on OpenChargeMap and added that. In this case I figured out how to look at the approval queue and was able to add a photo for today’s addition.

But when I went to find the two missing additions from yesterday in the queue to add photos I don’t see them. World wide I only see 4 locations waiting review, one being the location I added this morning. Is this all there are? Were two of my yesterday additions rejected? If rejected, I would hope for a notification saying why.

How can I get some feedback on this from the system?

I have no idea if your submissions were rejected (I’m not at a computer) but double check you haven’t tried to add a duplicate and that your submission was relatively complete (well populated with address info, connection types etc). It’s rare for submissions to be rejected and no we don’t currently send you any notifications.

It could be that with my inexperience I didn’t enter them properly.

I tried again, this time updating them in the queue with the pictures I took and they all showed up.

It is nice to see that they show up in A Better Route Planner quite soon after they show up on OpenChargeMap.

Does ABRP use OpenChargeMap as a dataset?

From a ABRP blog post, OpenChargeMap is one of the sources they use. And, as of a year and a half ago, they said they update the charger information from OpenChargeMap once a day so it can take 24 hours for a change or addition to be used in ABRP.

The charging stations in my local area that I knew about that were not in ABRP showed up about a day after I added them to OpenChargeMap so I think the use of OpenChargeMap and the 24 hours for them to show up is still valid.

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