Purpose of blue marker in middle of map?

In both the mobile app (on iOS) and the web page (Safari, Firefox, Chrome on macOS), a blue pointer icon appears in the middle of the map, and moves around with the map (always stays in the middle of whatever I’m viewing). I’m baffled as to the function of this. It is not showing my location, or that of anything else, just the middle of the map view. Could you remove it, or give it a more useful function?

It’s as useful as you are :wink:

It can be used to add new location to the map - position it where the charging station is and click on it to spawn “Add Location” at this exact spot. Also, when you click at “target” icon, and your device can read your location, marker will be placed there.

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Ah, okay - makes sense. Thanks :blush:

Yes indeed, if you tap it you can add a location there - perhaps it should have a + sign to indicate that’s what it’s for. I’m not sure how often it’s used as the main way of adding locations but the alternative would be to pan the small map in the editor in order to move to the location you are adding.

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It’s a good point though, I’d don’t even see these things anymore - I think that’s been there since about 2016.