Please add new operator "Duferco" in Italy

I am new to this forum.
I world like to ask if you could add Duferco to Italy charging operators.
Website :

Toll-free number: 800 92 22 00
Telephone: +39 010 27 56 0851
Email: [email protected]


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Hi, thanks we already have Duferco Energia as a known operator, you should be able to select them in form when adding new locations.

Hello Christopher,
thanks for the reply.
I see it, but not all the charging stations of Duferco appear on the map.
Once a provider is listed, shouldn’t all his charging station appear automatically ?
For example, at Belforte Monferrato (AL), in Via Molino, there are 5 plugs (2x T2 , 1x CCS, 1x Chademo, 1x T3a)
I don’t see them on Openchargemap.
Screen Shot 06-25-21 at 01.11 PM
Screen Shot 06-25-21 at 01.28 PM

Hi, in general our charging station data is manually added by our users (or by the networks themselves).

We can accept data import from networks if they are willing to provide them (with no data licensing restrictions) and to prepare the data in the required format.

There are many thousands of charging networks wordwide, unfortunately not enought of them care about contributing data to open charge map despite us being effectively free advertising for their network.

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