Please add EV Point network from Moldova

Dear Christopher,

please kindly add new operator from Republic of Moldova

“WebsiteURL”: “”,
“Comments”: null,
“PhonePrimaryContact”: " +373 60 60 99 00",
“PhoneSecondaryContact”: null,
“IsPrivateIndividual”: false,
“AddressInfo”: null,
“BookingURL”: null,
“ContactEmail”: “[email protected]”,
“FaultReportEmail”: null,
“IsRestrictedEdit”: false,
“ID”: ,
“Title”: “ev point”

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Thanks, they have been added now.

Thank you, Christopher.


I still don’t see them here:,republicof/networks

Can you please check?

Hi, when we add an operator that just makes them available in the editor when you are adding or editing charging locations, it does not add any other locations (we do not have that data, you have to provide it).