Open Data on EV Registrations


I was wondering if you might be able to provide direction on where to find data related to EV registrations at different charging stations, such as number of visits to the charging station, or just EV registrations in general. Is there a way to either download or extract that data from the existing Open Charge Map platform? Or would you have any partners who may be able to provide this kind of data?

Thank you,

Hi, no the only data we have is where the charging stations are location and general information about the equipment capabilities. We do have user submitted comments and images for some locations but this process is not automatic.

As far as I know there is no single source of charging station use statistics in the world as this would require coordinated cooperation of the individual networks and many of those don’t want people to know if their equipment is infrequently used or to be compared against other competing networks.

PlugShare does have lots of user submitted checkins for some countries but like any app their popularity varies by country.