Open Data Government sources for Austria

Sorry, all links in German language unfortunately.

Charging map for endusers:

General information (API information is below the contact form, including link for registration, terms of use are linked on the registration form page):

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Thanks is this actually Open Data? i.e. is it openly licensed (anyone can use it) or did they just make an API available? We can’t generally import anything unless we are allowed to.

Dear Christopher,

yes, the data provider is and is run by the Austrian ministry for climate protection/environment/energy/mobility/innovation & tech. e-control is a govermental company responsible for supervision of electricity market, etc. English description here:

according to the terms of use, you may use the data. There are certain requirements though, see

Requirements excerpt: need to inform [email protected] and provide URL after going live, provide credits for data source including their linked logo, provide quarterly unique visitor access stats to them, rate limit of 2500 accesses / hour for API, max 30 concurrent accesses, etc.

p.s. this had been officially promoted as open data, originally i’ve stumbled over it via this press release:

Thanks frank, it sounds like this is accessible data rather than officially Open Data, i.e. it has some restrictive terms attached that are not covered by known open data license type.

I’m open to the idea of importing this if we can have concrete permission form them to redistribute under an official open data license of their choice (Creative Common By 4.0, for instance), but I’m not going to do anything personally on this.

We also need more volunteers to wrangle data into the required import formats as I no longer have time to work on it myself. Data can be imported either using a custom import provider ( or by converting to our import spreadsheet (for one-time imports) or by converting to our OCM POI format.

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No worries. I have entered and uploaded photos of all chargers that i had visited/photographed/collected over the past months… should be well above 100 chargers. That’s what i could do for the moment.

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