Number of rows in ocm-data differs from stations statistics

Hi all,

I downloaded the whole Open Charge Map dataset from the poi.json.gz file: GitHub - openchargemap/ocm-data: Snapshots of current Open Charge Map data. I ended up with 120 955 rows, which differs from the 206 250 stations figure available on the OCM statistics page:
Does it mean one row in the dataset is not equivalent to one station? Is there a way to determine the number of stations per row?
In the json structure, I found a Quantity key within the Connections one and I was wondering if by summing those quantities, I’d end up with the 206 250 total.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, the calculation is slightly arbitrary but it’s poi.NumberOfPoints (which is really meant to mean the number of charging bays and assumed to be 1 if not specified) multiplied by the total number of overall locations (points of interest). Note that there is also a poi.SubmissionStatusTypeId which should be either 100 or 200 to be considered a published location.

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for your reply.
After summing all the NumberOfPoints, I’m ending up with 162 009 stations, still far from the 206 250 expected.
I collected all the NumberOfPoints values for each row and summed them. I am then wondering if my calculation is wrong…

Thanks again.

If the value for NumerOfPoints is null, do you count it as 1 or skip it? We count it as 1 if it’s not known.

Note, this calculation is a very rough estimate - we know a subset of the actual charging infrastructure (just what we’ve been told about) so in reality there is much more undocumented charging infrastructure in existence. While it’s useful in some cases to calculate this number approximately it’s far from being the actual number of charging stations in the world.

I indeed counted as 1 the null NumberOfPoints… Could have I missed something else?

I remain vigilant and am aware your dataset does not represent exhaustively all existing charging points. Still a good reminder though.

Thank you for your help.