Notice: Some http user agents are now banned (API/web)

In order to mitigate API and website scraping from robots/scripts/crawlers which impact our service a number of standard crawler and robot user agents have now been banned. These user agents will currently return a 403 Unauthorised page.

If you believe your API call should be allowed or you are technically unable to set your user agent to a custom value, please specify your User Agent here.

All regular API users must register for an API key ( - > my profile > my apps > register an application) and specify the key as either a url query parameter or an X-API-Key header. We are not currently enforcing this but we eventually will.

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hey. I am having some issues regarding this new update. it is my first time using your api. I use it for mobile app using Flutter language. my http.get url is$api&client=$client&countrycode=US&maxresults=10&compact=true&verbose=false
api is the one I registered for and client is name of my app

it returns this message when I try to get. {status: error, description: API requests by robots are temporarily disabled.}

Any advice? Thanks

Hi Ahmed, yes - set your User Agent http header to a custom value (i.e the name of your app).

I cant set “client” parameter instead of USER AGENT header? Thanks

Hi, no not if you happen to be using a user agent that got banned. If you can tell me which user agent your http call uses I can tell you if it’s blocked or not.

Hey. I tried pevworld, pev world PEVWORLD and so many others to be honest, but those are the main ones

Thanks alot. Its working now I don’t know why. Lol. Thanks again you guys awesome

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