Note: API Keys must be real API keys


In the past it has been possible to call the OCM API using a fake API key, this was an intermediate cost saving for us because it saved us querying our own database every time to validate if the API key being used is real/enabled or not.

You can get your own API key by signing into and choosing “my apps” from the “my profile” menu. This just gives us someone to contact if there is a problem with your usage of our API or if we need to notify you of significant changes.

If you are currently using a made up API key your API calls will shortly stop working. Note also that if you use an API key belonging to someone else you may receive a permanent ban from your IP - we provide a free service and abuse of the API is not tolerated.

We will shortly be introducing API key checks and may contact groups with very high API usage to discuss options.

Now is also a good time to double check you are passing the API key correctly- previously if you accidentally passed a variable name instead of the actual value e.g. ?key=$openchargemapkey it worked (it was still a unique string).

Also if your API key currently looks like a JWT then you are not using the correct key, OCM API Keys are GUID strings.