Newbie: How to extract data

Greetings all. I am working on a small project to overlay charging stations with local amenities on a map and am wondering how to get the charging station data from Open Charge Map. I am not a developer but have access to a couple of developer friends who can help me. To start, I would like the charging data POIs for the US - east coast. A single, static dump of the data is perfectly fine during the current development/brainstorming phase.

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi, sounds great! You should point your developer friends at the following page that describes our API: - it’s also possible to grab the entire data set here: GitHub - openchargemap/ocm-data: Snapshots of current Open Charge Map data

This is my first post here. At everyone, keep up the awesome work!

I’m working on an university project and i’m also interested in a brief list of charging points with information on location, network, operator etc. I downloaded the reference.json from Github, but there’s no connection between location, operator etc. (“just” a list of operators but no information on location):

Is there any possibility to get this information, e.g. in an Excel-list?

Thank you very much and kind regards,

Hi Simon,

Our core reference data is exactly that, just basic lookup list of things like connection types, country ids, network operators - each reference data item has it’s own ID which is used in the main POI (Point Of Interest) data set. To access the actual POI data you need to use that part of the API or download the current POI.json.gz file from GitHub - openchargemap/ocm-data: Snapshots of current Open Charge Map data.

See also the “Retrieving POI Data” section of this API doc, this way you can download just a filtered subset of the data:

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