New updated OCM

Hi Christopher,
I have seen the new OCM, great job!
There are still some issue in some pages and links, I suppose that you are still working on it.
Do you prefer that we point out them to you or it is better to wait some days to let you complete the update?

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Please do raise them here as they may not be something I know about. I just noticed one location had an error when I tried to look at it but most others work OK.

The things that I have seen to be fixed are these:

Recent photo in recent activity page ( ) are not well displayed (dimensions and alignment).

When I sign in from the sign in page ( ) I am redirected to a not existing page (

When I open OCM site in the cell or pad the menu on the right upper corner dosen’t open.

Yesterday for many location the direct link ( this one for example ) doesen’t worked but now this problem seems to be fixed.

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Thanks! Much appreciated.

I noticed a few of those things yesterday as well so will get them fixed shortly.

Those things should all be fixed now. Browser may cache the old version for a little while but otherwise let me know if there is anything else that seems significant.

Hi, now there is an issue with the editing of location.
If I add an additional equipment to an existing location the edit must be approved even if I’m an editor (I approve my edit) and once approved the edit the “Submission Status” become “None selected” and it disappear from the map and from any list available.
See for example this poi

Thanks I’ll take a look

Looks like there was an issue setting the submission status but it’s not clear why it’s a problem now when it wasn’t before. Have updated the code now to handle the error the system was encountering.