New Operator Addition - Electric Era

Hi Team,

We are a company based out of the US, currently rapidly expanding our network. In order to facilitate easier discover-ability for drivers, we have integrated with the OCPI spec as well

Could you fetch the data from our OCPI locations endpoint of our charging stations?

Locations : API Link
Company Website :
Phone : +1 (206) 420-7844

Do let us know if any modifications need to be made. Thanks!

Thanks! Please can you submit a data sharing agreement, this is just for us to prove we have permission to redistribute the information:

Thanks @Christopher! We have submitted the datasharing agreement. Please let us know if there is anything else to be done here.

Thanks! We have a bit of a backlog of OCPI feeds to set up (each one is subtly different and we need to map operators IDs etc) but I hope to look at this next week.

Hi Christopher, Thank you for your response, we look forward to your addition as we are expanding fast and growing!

@Christopher Just following up to see if we have been added as a network yet? Thank you!

Hi, yes the Electra Era import has been created and run - we currently receive 3 locations from you.

To see just your stations using go to Settings (upper right icon) and enter Electric Era in “Search network operators” and select it, then return to the map.

Our imports are repeated periodically, currently that’s not automated while we gather more OCPI feeds but it eventually will be.