New operator: ABC-lataus (Finland)

There is a quickly growing charge network in Finland that is missing from OCM called ABC-lataus (ABC Charging in English). It is run by the nationwide chain of regional co-op’s (“Osuuskauppa”). Stations are located either at existing fuelling stations (“ABC”) or parking lots of supermarkets and hotels.

Current charging stations can be found from this map by selecting a filter “Lataus” (=charging) from pane on the left: Asemat | FI | ABC-asemat?

They have currently 75 charging stations with total capacity for over 500 cars.

  • 22 kW: 298 outlets
  • up to 100 kW: 155 outlets
  • up to 150 kW: 65 outlets

Could you please add this operator to OCM?

Thanks, they have been added as an Operator now. Unfortunately the actual charging locations have to be added manually unless there is an Open Data feed in OCPI format we can use.

Great. I was now able to modify the information of an existing charging station.

On related note, some of the stations of this operator network have already been displayed as belonging to ABC in ABRP before you added this operator. So, there must be an alternative way of defining an operator within ABRP, right?

ABRP gather there data from multiple sources so it’s likely they just have that data from somewhere else.