New Network: Blink Chargine Europe

Hello there.

Seems like there’s some confusion in Greece regarding the Blink Charging Europe network that is on full expansion here. “Blink Charging Europe” is a new network, not the same as the North American “Blink Network/ECOtality”, it’s a daughter company of Blink US. Here’s their webpage. I believe they should be added as a network of their own in Greece, or disconnected from the north american one, since looks like all Blink chargers in Greece are somehow tied to the north american network operator (I may have been the one who initially reported those chargers as such, I don’t remember).
Also, is there a country operator in Greece? I will have lots of work to do on OpenChargeMap, although I don’t prefer the interface over plugshare, for example. But looks like OCM is a bit more open, so I guess I will have to transfer lots of data over.

Thanks, I’ve made you a country editor for Greece so your own edits will be auto approved. I’ve added Blink Charging Europe as a new operator.

I agree plugshare is great, the problem is just that the data you give them is private to them and can’t be used by other apps without commercial licensing.

App developers are free to use the OCM data and built their own great UIs and to use the data in new and interesting ways.

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