New Charging Operator: TAURON Nowe Technologie

Please add TAURON Nowe Technologie as a new Charging Operator

"ID": 3452,
"Title": "TAURON Nowe Technologie",
"WebsiteURL": "",
"Comments": null,
"PhonePrimaryContact": "+48572886552",
"PhoneSecondaryContact": null,
"IsPrivateIndividual": false,
"AddressInfo": null,
"BookingURL": null,
"ContactEmail": "[email protected]",
"FaultReportEmail": null,
"IsRestrictedEdit": false

Same as with previous one I’ve reached out to them and asked if they would agree to provide open data so it could be used by projects such as OCM.
It’s beyond my understanding why operators hesitate to do that. It’s a win-win, except they would win more.


Added now. Thanks, we have an admin UI for this so we just need the title as a minimum, website, email and phone numbers are useful, ID is always auto generated.

Yes, it would be great if operators could self-organise on the topic of opening up data (and the effort required). The only perceived commercial impact I can see is for equipment usage/reliability because some operators don’t want people to know how unreliable they are (and don’t want to be compared) but we don’t really have that info anyway.

I see us as free promotion for all the networks so why wouldn’t they “advertise” their locations here, especially since we’re a data source for a bunch of other apps like A Better Route Planner etc. Do each of the (thousands of) networks really think everyone is loading up their respective apps to discover charging locations?

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