charge points (Portugal)


In Portugal, almost every week new fast charge points (± 50 kW) are opening, by ( supervision.
Some old charge points (<10 kW) are being replaced by 22 kW versions.
I don’t know why, but the new or replaced charge points are being registered in Electromaps (probably the most used app in Portugal and Spain), but not in this open database from OpenChargeMap. A new app, called Miio is growing faster in Portugal, made by portuguese developers.
My question is if there is some protocol or editor in Portugal and Spain, to update the charge points in your database. For example, if Mobie (Portugal) is sending you in a regular basis the updates, and if is being updated in Spain in a fast way. If I or someone else get a list of charge points, maybe with GPS coordinates, can this list be bulk upload to the OCM database?

Thank you.

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Hi Ricardo,

We have an existing import that needs some updates so I’ll have a look at that now. When we bulk import data it must be information we have been given permission to use, so we have previously asked for permission.

Other bulk imports are possible but wherever the data comes from it must either be an original work or we must have permission to use it.

So looking at our import we appear to be up to date. The data feed we have only has ‘fast’ and ‘normal’ classifications, they don’t tell us the real kW power etc. Perhaps there is a newer data feed we can pull from, really this needs to mobie to give us the updated feed and renew their permission for us to use and redistribute the data.

Hi Christopher,

If you depend of MobiE communications of new charge points, probably OCM database is not updated… Please, believe me. For now, in Portugal, EV drivers have the perception of some inoperacy in MobiE control. But maybe this is changing, I hope.
There is an independent organization to represent EV drivers, UVE ( and ), and they do a nice job of updating Electromaps with the new or updated charge points. I’m only associated to UVE as driver. I’m not in the management. But I think if you contact UVE ( [email protected] ), they will accept inform you of charge points updates. As I said, they are updating Electromaps for free (I presume… :slight_smile: ).
But you said OCM data does not include charge rates of charge points! That is a major information to who is travelling. One thing is have a stop, in a long trip, in a 50 kW charge point, another in a 22 kW one. Are OCM developers thinking in change that?

Thank you.

As Christopher said, Openchargemap has more than enough fields for power levels, it’s the source data from MobiE presents to the import for Openchargemap that doesn’t have sufficient data to confirm the exact power levels available for each connector.

Oh! OK. Sorry, I didn’t understand so.
UVE, as I mentioned before, has a good and updated list of charge points. You can see that in the links I indicated. If UVE accept inform OCM from all updates in portuguese charge network, and it is changing a lot, the OCM database will be perfect.
For example, in Facebook UVE posts, if we search for “Electromaps” or “PCR” (= Fast Charge Point) words, for example, we’ll get a lot of recent posts with new or updated charge stations.
I’m convinced UVE can send OCM a list of the charge network with power levels and GPS coordinates, including portuguese MobiE reference names of the charge points (IDs like “GMR-0014”).
OCM community can count with me to help, too, if needed.

Thanks Ricardo, so yes:

  • we have a small number of data imports but most of our data comes from our users who add them manually. Ideally we don’t want to ‘license’ data from networks because there are far too many networks to deal with and some of them want to sell their data rather than give it away. Users adding the data themselves grant us the copyright to the information they have created, so we can redistribute the data freely.
  • many people don’t use Open Charge Map and instead use apps that are popular in their region (PlugShare, ZapMap, Chargemap, Electromaps etc). All of these other apps & websites keep the data and do not share it freely with other apps/services. None of these other services contribute data back to OCM but some do use some of our data.
  • Ultimately the quantity & quality of our data is driven by our users, if we don’t have users in your country then the data will be missing or inaccurate.

I am the only (volunteer) developer, other people help out sometimes with little things (and many other people help edit the data and keep it up to date, thanks to everyone for that! I generally don’t edit the data myself) but so far I’ve developed the API, Database, App, imports, services etc. I have basically given up trying to write more imports as they leave us in a questionable copyright position anyway.

I think if you want UVE to contribute to open charge map you need to advocate that with them, it won’t make much difference if I ask the same thing. The normal answer is ‘but everyone uses ‘x’ and why should I bother updating it two places’, of course the idea was that you’d only update Open Charge Map and other apps would just pull the data from there, but inevitably developers want to control their own data and if they get enough users it’s not a problem for them. If the data is good enough quality they can sometimes even it sell it to others (like PlugShare etc do).

We can accept bulk data from anyone as long as it is detailed enough and they are the original author of the data (i.e. they didn’t copy it from somewhere or download it). Ideally they would provide it to is in our own Json POI format (I can discuss this with contributors if they are interested in doing this), that way we don’t have to write something to convert the data.

I need to provide documentation on how people can give us bulk data but basically if people can give use the data like this then we can easily import it (ID numbers are mapped to our core reference data, things like networks, connection types etc:

        "OperatorsReference": "EC-123",
        "OperatorID": 1,
        "UsageTypeID": 1,
        "AddressInfo": {
            "Title": "Eletroposto Graal 67",
            "AddressLine1": "Rodovia Anhanguera",
            "Town": "Região Imediata de Jundiaí",
            "StateOrProvince": "Região Imediata de Jundiaí",
            "Postcode": "13214-660",
            "CountryID": 36,
            "Latitude": -23.13005196046562,
            "Longitude": -46.94990143478856
        "Connections": [
                "ConnectionTypeID": 1036,
                "StatusTypeID": 50,
                "LevelID": 3,
                "Amps": 63,
                "Voltage": 400,
                "PowerKW": 43.0,
                "CurrentTypeID": 20,
                "Quantity": 1
                "ConnectionTypeID": 33,
                "StatusTypeID": 50,
                "PowerKW": 50.0,
                "CurrentTypeID": 30,
                "Quantity": 1
                "ConnectionTypeID": 2,
                "StatusTypeID": 50,
                "PowerKW": 50.0,
                "CurrentTypeID": 30,
                "Quantity": 1
        "NumberOfPoints": 1,
        "StatusTypeID": 50

When people are referring to other data sources for inspiration they must not reproduce any free text (i.e. sentences regarding access to charging etc).

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for all your effort and volunteer work with OCM! It’s great!

I will see what I can get with UVE directly. I will keep you informed.

I sent a message to an UVE administrator. I’m waiting an answer from him.

Meanwhile, I added a new charge station in Valência (Spain), and updated another in McDonald’s Drive in Guimarães (Portugal). The first one not appears yet in OCM app, and the second don’t shows the changes donne. I need some editor privileges, or something, to get results immediactly?


I proposed to some Facebook EV groups administrators, to join forces to make a team and update portuguese charge network. We are in discussion about the best procedure to do that. I hope we can go along with this, and get a team of editors (I hope you can accept that, of course).

Meanwhile, at my time, I can add or update charge points. But I already add some (and updated another ones), and it’s not a pratic and easy way. Because the pending approvals. After some submits, I need to wait hours/days to see changes in map. And if I need to rectify something, or add more information, I need to wait for that, and maybe forget changes to do.

I already add or updated more than 500 charge stations in Plugshare (you can confirm that in smartphone app, in table of contributors), and add or change one was very easy and fast, because everyone can make definitive changes. Anyone can correct someone else work, if something changed. Don’t get me wrong, because all I want is to contribute to get Iberia map charge points get updated, and do what is in my possibilities to do that. I do not pretend add or update +500 charge stations in OCM, alone, as in Plugshare, because I don’t have the time to do that by now. But I can do something at my time…

Is there some problem if I can be an editor already? It will make things easier and fast.

No problem, you’re now a country editor for Portugal and Spain. If other users will edit regularly they just have to make a few edits (this shows they understand what they’re doing and that they are providing enough detail) then let us know they’re account name (they can just ask here) and we can promote their account.

Yes, edits generally go into an approvals queue unless your account has been prompted to be an editor for specific countries (or globally, for some editors). Editors don’t get currently get an email when changes are proposed so you need to check the ‘new locations awaiting approval’ and ‘edits awaiting approval’. I just haven’t gotten around to a feature to tell editors about pending edits.