Missing chargers in Luxembourg

There is 5 minute online update via opendata of the around 400 chargers of My Chargy. Can you add or integrate these ?
Now only 79 chargers are listed for Luxembourg.

Fichier KML avec bornes My Chargy

Ce fichier au format KML est actualisé toutes les 5 minutes.
= KML file with My Chargy terminals
This KML format file is updated every 5 minutes.


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Hi, do you officially represent My Chargy?

Do you have this data in any other standard formats such as OCPI? We are trying to move away form importing proprietary formats of data.

Hi Christopher.
No. I do not represent My Chargy. I am a private person driving an EV for 7 years and trying to improve the EV data but I am also maintaining a database of European charge apps so I see the differences between OpenChargeMap and others. I do not think you are linking to the OCPI data since you are missing tens of thousands of chargers in for example the Netherlands which are for 99% linked to OCPI.
How come https://moovility.me/ (which links heavily to OCPI and online status) can “see” these Luxembourg chargers where OCM can not ? Same for the Netherlands. See for example Boulaide, Luxemburg. Two chargers, None in OCM.

That’s correct, we would live to get direct OCPI feeds from charging networks, this may involve our community reaching out to their local networks and asking them to get in touch with us.

The data does not get into OCM by magic, we need arrange it and generally that’s the work of one person (me). Just because a network has OCPI doesn’t mean we are allowed to use it.

I get the impression from the tone of your reply that you think I was dismissive in some way, which is not my intention. We are trying to standardise how we get data from networks in a sustainable way.

Regarding other apps which have data, they most likely bought access to it, which is something we cannot do (we are not funded and the data we distribute has to be under an Open Data license).

Hi Christopher. I sent an e-mail to the openchargealliance.org which is located in the Netherlands to see if there are possibilities via OCPI. When there is an update I will inform your accordingly.

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Thanks, yes they coordinate the OCPI standard and will know of networks which use it.

Hi Cristopher. Openchargealliance took some time to respond and they referred to https://www.eco-movement.com in the NL. I contacted them also but they declined an API or quarterly update of the location data. Logical since they sell their data. You can check their stats at Statistics - eco-movement.com

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