Map bookmark for my city coordinates

Is it possible to go directly to an overview of my city, instead of the generic (so San Francisco) ?

Especially since I’m getting “Your location could not be determined” even after granting Location permissions.

Which browser are you using? In general it should be able to determine your location unless you are embedding in which case you have to allow gelocation in the iframe tag.

You can add &latitude= and &longitude= to the url to center on a specific point.

I’m using Vivaldi (which uses Mozilla’s Location Services, so it’s strange that Firefox itself works, but maybe Firefox uses Google’s location services by default?).

Nevermind anyway, bookmarking works for me, thank you.

I’ve tried controlling the zoom with an additional boundingbox parameter, but I still can’t get my whole metropolitan area in the first view from the bookmark (and always zooming out and waiting for the stations to refresh is just wasteful).

Should the zoom level work in another way?

Thanks, there’s no url config for bounding box. You could investigate adding it if you like though.