Is there an option to load the list of stations at the same time, so as not to add it one by one

Our company has at least 50 ev charging stations. It will take too much time to load them one by one. Has this service any options to load it by pack?

Hi, if you have the data in OCPI format and you allow us to publish it as Open Data then we can import it, we also support taking an automated data feed from an OCPI server.

Open Charge Map is effectively free advertising for your network and it will result in greater utilisation of your network.

Once you have added a location to Open Charge Map and it has been published (which normally takes a few days for approval) you can use the Copy option to duplicate your existing entry and provide a new address, this a fairly quick way to populate the data. In addition if we know which country you are publishing sites for we can make your account an Editor so that changes are published immediately.

yes, we have the data on OCPI format. Can you give any e-mail, I’ll connect you with our developers.

We install new stations every 2 weeks, so I’d like to have an editor account for publish new ones. Our site is Sitronics Electro is a network of charging stations for electric vehicles

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Thanks, because there are many thousands of networks we don’t make individual arrangements with each one, but you/they can submit the required OCPI feed info via

Once we set that up you won’t need to enter any data yourself.

Hi Christopher!
We shared our data few days ago. Can you please say - how much time could it take to upload the information about our charging stations?

Thanks, yes we did receive that and I’ve looked at the information provided now, your download URL is not currently working and responds with a 401 error, that suggests that it requires credentials which we don’t have. You can message me an authorization token if one is really required, or you can disabled authorization for queries (your data is open anyway).

Thanks, noted that and removed the post.

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The import has now been added to our system. It would be great if you could populate the max voltage and map amperage fields, or populate max_electric_power

 "id": "143",
              "standard": "IEC_62196_T2",
              "format": "CABLE",
              "power_type": "AC_3_PHASE",
              "max_voltage": 0,
              "max_amperage": 0,
              "last_updated": "0001-01-01T00:00:00"

Thanks! I already see our stations on the map, but can you please say, why it’s ‘Unknown operator’? Can we change It to Sitronics Electro?

I’ll ask my colleagues if thy can fill max voltage and map amperage fields

And in some places it’s just Sitronics, not Sitronics Electro. It depends on our data? Or we can fix it in your service?
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I’ve renamed your “operator” to be Sitronics Electro in our database. The example OCM-258304 was manually entered presumably by your organisation before the import so the import does not overwrite existing data, you would need to either give us a list of OCM ID for sites to remove and re-import, or edit them to set the correct network operator. If all of your manually entered sites have the sitronics website link in the details we could use that to identify the ones to delete and re-import.

All chargers belong to the same CPO - Sitronics Electro, so far in the system only our own chargers. what the OCM ID is?

We didn’t add stations manually

Ok, I’ll look at this again next week to see if we can use more of the import data.

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Hi, I have removed existing items which mentioned Sitronics to allow the import to take priority. We are currently importing 60 out of the 69 items found in the import, one or two don’t import due to the source data not have ID reference numbers for the EVSE or connectors or if they are very near other EVSE in the same area (which usually indicates duplicate data). You will see the locations appear with a grey icon on our map this is because we don’t know the Power (kW) or the voltage and amperage.

Thank you very much for help!

Christopher, Hi!
Is the information about the stations that are already on your map updated? It’s just that we make some changes in our system, but we don’t see any updates on your map. Can you check if all the data is updated in your system or only the information about the our new stations?

Thanks, I have reviewed our import of your data feed and it was failing when it encountered images because we didn’t expect the thumbnail URL to be blank, this has now been fixed.

Our import is currently updating 57 sites, it ignores locations that appear more than once in the same data feed.

In addition our import identifies approximately additional 23 validation errors which it ignores, these are items where the eves ID and UID are blank or connector ID is blank.

The status code at the end of your feed is “Success” but I believe for OCPI the success status code is “1000”

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Hi! The data of the Sitronics Electro operator has not been updated for a long time. Can you tell me what the problem is?

Hi @Winston37 the sitronics feed no longer appears to be available at the URL we have, which is

Good afternoon! I contacted the operator, the correct address:

Can you fix it?