Is there a link for editing a specific POI?

The station data for power and charger quantity in Oregon, USA was almost always wrong. I’ve fixed most of it, plus added most of the missing stations with correct data, but it was cumbersome given my situation. From my app it would be ideal if I could link directly to the OCM website at a point that will allow the user to edit the charger information directly. An ideal link would be something similar to this: (or similar)

Is something like this possible? Specifically, I would like to link to a URL that brings me to a point in which the user can edit a specific charger’s information with the intent of correcting it.

There was a way to link to the old site editor but that was an advanced editor intended for experienced users. I’ve added a id=13012 url parameter to the app now so you can link to (for example) Open Charge Map - Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You

The user then just has to click the Edit button but they will need to sign in to make actual changes.

Wow, that’s amazing, this will help a lot. Thank You!

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