Ionity chargers up to date in France


I added/updated Ionity stations of France.
83 Stations

  • 338 CCS 350 kW stalls
  • 79 CCS 50 kW/Chademo 50 kW/Type 2 43kW stalls


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Oops I missed one opened today :stuck_out_tongue:

84 Stations :

  • 342 x CCS 350 kW
  • 80 x CCS 50 kW/Chademo 50 kW/Type 2 43 kW

There is a lot of Ionity stations under construction in France :wink:

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Excellent! Thanks Didier :slight_smile:

A new one opened near Bordeaux yesterday. :wink:

  • 346 350 kW CCS
  • 81 CCS/Chademo/Type
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New Ionity charger added at Troyes Sud

86 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 352
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 82
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One more Ionity Station opened yesterday in France near Montluçon :slight_smile:

87 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 356
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 83

Much more to come. Ionity is very active in France :wink:

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And another one today

88 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 358
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 84
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Another Ionity station opening today

89 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 364
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 85
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Guess what ? Ionity opened another station near Niort today.

90 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 368
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 86

Is someone edited two Ionity stations ? Two of them had only 1 stall configured, I set them back to 6.

Ionity Tours la Longue Vue Monnaie 6 x 350
Ionity Portes d’Angers Sud Verrières-en-Anjou 6 x 350

Hi @Christopher

Can you tell me why “Ionity Portes d’Angers Sud, Verrières-en-Anjou” was modified one more time to 1x350 kW connection instead of 6x350 kW


PĂ©rigueux sud added (6x350 kW)

91 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 374
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 86

Hi Didier,

Thanks, if you refer to set “Show Processed Items” to “Yes”
and enter the OCM ID of the location you can see the edit history. You are competing with another user. I will email them to check why they are updating this and is it based on particular information.

I think the issue here is caused by the ambiguity of available bays vs connections - we need to revise our data model to make that simpler and clearer.

Ok, thank you.
This user is adding a lot of Ionity chargers all over Europe (opened and planned ones).
But I wonder why he is modifying existing ones.
Fortunately I wrote a script to verifying my edits and I saw the counter of connections has changed :thinking:


Oh yes, I see, he is modifying number of parking places. Like this :

In France Ionity install a 50kW CCS/Chademo/Type2 stall next to their 350 kW stalls in most stations.
But they doesn’t appear in the Ionity site map.
Fortunately, he didn’t delete the 50 kW chargers. He only changed the number of park places.
How can I track with a script all modifications done on a set of chargers ?

We don’t have an API for tracking edits, you could script API calls to pull down the data periodically and compare the output somehow. I do something similar for GitHub - openchargemap/ocm-export: Export of OCM POI data into one file per POI [Experimental] which is a periodic snapshot of all data, stored on github with individual POI file comparison.

The question in this case is whether the information is wrong or not, and if we are seeing conflicting interpretations of the same information. If the cause is that our data model does not properly express the information then we need to fix the data model first, otherwise there will always be differences in opinion over how the data should look.

Ultimately for Ionity we should be taking a definitive data feed from them and feeding corrections back directly to them. You really shouldn’t have to enter the data.

I modified my script to compute the number of parking places by adding number of CCS connections.
There is around 30 errors.

Unfortunately, in France, Ionity have to install at least a stall with other kind of connections than CCS. But it seems they don’t store these stalls in their publicly available data (you cannot see them on their map nor in the trackers based on their data feed).

Automatically determining the number of parking places would make an assumption (which could be incorrect) about the specific model of charging station which is installed, although it may be true for Ionity. Some units have multiple connectors serving one bay, others are central between two bays and can be shared (or some can’t). Some stations can provide a connection to 2 vehicles but have only one parking space.

Ultimately the data should be made to match real life as closely as possible and the best way for that to happen is for someone to visit the site. While anyone can electronically derive the information (and there are copyright implications for that), the only truly correct information is at a point in time when standing at the location.

Don’t worry, this script is only for checking in this particular case :wink:
By doing this I can detect edits made by the other editor on Ionity stations.
All my edits are checked with official data or validated by reliable information like EV users forums.

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Another Ionity opening today in French Alps, near Grenoble :slight_smile:

92 stations

  • 350 kW stalls : 378
  • 50 kW CCS/50 kW Chademo/43 kW Type 2 : 87
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