Invalid Geojson format

Hi all,

I starting to use open charge map and would like to use the format GeoJSON, but when I parse the result I have some issues, because id doesn’t respect the GeoJSON format. For example there is no “type” key.

What is the process to do a request to Open charge map to check this point?

Hi, our API does not produce GeoJSON, to convert the data from our API you will need to provide your own conversion method.


Thanks for your response.
Strange, because output parameter accepted “geojson” and the response to almost all attributes of this type, just missing the “type” attribute.

Ok, I will do it.

Thanks, yes, thinking about it we had some experimental implementation but it was never officially supported.

Update: I’ve attempted to update our GeoJSON support so the following now works and produces modern GeoJSON (our implementation pre-dated the official spec):