Integrate CSMS with OCM

I’ve been a happy user of OCM since I got an EV in 2016 and thank you for all the work you’ve put in to it. I was going through the API documentation and community for information on how to integrate a CSM with OCM to import charge stations in to OCM. I’ve this has been answered somewhere, sorry for asking again. I’masking as I haven’t found the answer.

I’m developing a CSMS and I’d like to setup a feed of charge stations to OCM. I read there are data imports done to import charge stations in OCM. How would it work to provide you with the data set of CPO’s and charge stations?

Hi Sebastiaan, we do currently have an API (our own POI format) however it was not really designed for individual networks publish to. We really want to formalise how we take data feeds from networks etc and also have a standard data agreement for sources.

Our current plan is to:

Establish a portal for network operators to join us in promoting their network locations to end users and other services:

  • Sign a simple digital agreement with us to re-license and redistribute their data.
  • Operators can choose which restrictions apply to the data being published (.e.g. exclude live status). Some networks are sensitive to others performing reliability and usage analytics.
  • Provide an API endpoint (OCPI etc) for us to pull data from.
  • Associate themselves with an existing OCM operators or add a new one. Provide public and private contact information.
  • Register payment for subscription (azure marketplace?) based on size of network. This is a small fee to help fund our regular hosting costs in exchange for promoting networks.

We will consider different standards of data feed formats but we are not going to develop any new imports for custom formats, we just don’t have the resources.