Indonesia Network Operator

Hi @Christopher,

It seems like there’s no Indonesia operator data yet.
Would you mind to add following Indonesian operators

  • PLN : Indonesia SOE National Power Company, it has the largest network here with over 500 chargers
    web :
    phone : +62 123
    email : [email protected]

  • Hyundai Indonesia : Hyundai have partnership with the government, so they have decent coverage and open their chargers for public access
    web :
    phone : +62 8001821407

  • Shell Indonesia
    web :

All of them provides charging points with CCS2 and AC type 2 ports.

We have growing EV community. Having updated data would definitely helps us.


Thanks Havel, those operators have been added now.

Charging networks are invited to share data with electronically here: this provides the benefit for free promotion of their networks across the range of apps and services that use Open Charge Map. If you would like to get in touch with them to ask them to contribute data that would be appreciated.

Awesome! Thanks for the help.
I’ll try to contact the network provider.

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Hello again @Christopher,

Could you please add another network operators for Indonesia region?

  • EVCuzz
    web :
    phone : +62 87810584499

  • Starvo
    web :
    phone : +62 2129215000

On to different topic, is there any editor for Indonesia yet?
If there’s nobody actively managing it, may I also request to be added as Indonesia region country editor to speed up the process?

Many thanks!

Thanks @hvlcrs your contributions are much appreciated! I’ve made you a country editor for Indonesia and added those operators now.

Out of interest @hvclrs several of your edits were minor changes to position or even chaning negative values to positive values, normally if a user is selecting positions from the map this would change both latitude and longitude - what’s different about your method? Are you copying from somewhere?

Ah, it is because I pulled the data straight from the provider app / site.

I made some correction on several chargers location near my area since the previous coordinates were off by 100-200 meters.

Hi, thanks, please don’t copy data from other places - as we distribute our data under an open data license we must ensure that we have the necessary copyright for our data and we rely on contributors to add site they personally know about.

You can use other apps/sites for inspiration but you should not directly copy data as that would generally be subject to copyright laws. If the original data source identified copyrighted material we would need to remove those sites from our database.

Example data which shouldn’t be directly copied:

  • general text (such as comments)
  • images you didn’t photograph yourself
  • exact latitude/longitude