How to send boundingbox array?


i am trying to send boundingbox array. it is described as below on the explanation:

Filter results to a given bounding box. specify top left and bottom right box corners as: (lat,lng),(lat2,lng2)

can you share with me a json array sample that explains which format should I use. I have been trying to achieve it but couldn’t success for a long time.

here is what I thought:

it doesn’t return anything but there are many pois on these locations.
[ {"lat":28.41011779,"long":28.94729},{"lat":28.410618,"long":28.98267}]

here is the request:,28.94729),(28.410618,28.98267)

the AddressInfo object in result of request includes weird locations like below:

"AddressInfo": {
  "ID": 258548,
  "Title": "Socar Gas Station",
  "AddressLine1": "Odysseas Dimitriadis Street",
  "AddressLine2": "Tamar Settlement",
  "Town": "Batumi",
  "StateOrProvince": "Autonomous Republic of Adjara",
  "Postcode": "6006",
  "CountryID": 86,
  "Country": {
    "ISOCode": "GE",
    "ContinentCode": "AS",
    "ID": 86,
    "Title": "Georgia"
  **"Latitude": 41.65008389511368,**
**  "Longitude": 41.66708861752636,**
  "ContactTelephone1": null,
  "ContactTelephone2": null,
  "ContactEmail": null,
  "AccessComments": null,
  "RelatedURL": null,
  "Distance": null,
  "DistanceUnit": 0

thank you in advance!

Here is an example call:,-74.19132547538744),(40.83647397797924,-74.02770221965444)

You can see example bounding box coordinates by browsing and looking at the https requests in the browser network developer tools as you move the map.

Looking at our app, we don’t have any data at the coordinates you specified. If there are charging locations there then someone needs to add them or the network(s) could provide an OCPI data feed: