How to remove a location

How can I remove a duplicate location like the following?

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Hi, thanks for helping improve the information,

  • start by confirming that it is indeed a duplicate and not just two different equipment operators at the same site.
  • decide which listing has the best listing, if one has comments/checking or photos and the other doesn’t then you’d keep the one with the most contributed info and edit the details to make it the overall most accurate listing.
  • On the listing to be removed, set the Operational Status to ‘Removed (Duplicate Listing)’

When an editor later reviews your edit they can then set the overall Submission Status to ‘Delisted - Duplicate’, or if you later become an country editor yourself you can make the change directly during edits.

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Thanks a lot for the tips.
I have just followed the instructions.
How come I do not get notifications about the replies here?

You’ll probably get notifications as a weekly digest by default, or maybe there’s a preference to set - the forum software is Discourse.

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I have just got an email notification about your reply. This is the first email notification from Open Charge Map. I searched all my folders including spam and trash folders, but could not find any notifications before this one.