How to eliminate duplicate stations altogether?

Hi all, I have now noticed duplicates appearing in the list. The problem is that there are those who then report that the duplicates are the originals, so it can happen that they turn out to be all 4 working as all 4 duplicates, at least until you get your act together. How then to eliminate the duplicates altogether so that they no longer appear in the list? I am talking about these: 192492 and 192491 . Thank you

When a location is submitted through the app the user is shown nearby locations and is required to confirm they are not adding a duplicate. If they proceed to add a duplicate then the hope is that one of the editors will catch the problem (not always easy). If that fails then it requires someone else to submit an edit to mark the site was duplicate.

okay, but if you try to do a search by entering these coordinates 44.662299,10.857988 you see that of the first 4 charging stations, 2 are duplicated: is there no way to eliminate them permanently?

You would edit the duplicates and set the operational status to Removed (Duplicate Listing):

That doesn’t mean they’ll never come back but if someone is persistently re-adding them we can find out who and just ask them to stop.