How to edit locations?

Trying to edit dcfc in southern Ontario that are currently marked as 40kw when they’re actually 24kw. I bring up the location, push edit, push next to move past location to equipment. Edit the equipment down to 24kw, 100amp, 240v, push ok and next again to move on to info. Try to push next again and nothing happens. The only way out of this dialog is to cancel which discards the changes. This is the same for the website and mobile app.

Same if I just try to add a website to the info for a location. Pushing next on the info page does nothing.

What am I missing here or is it bugged? Was able to submit two missing Harley-Davidson locations just fine but can’t seem to edit existing ones.

I’m having the same problem. Need to mark some stations as not operational but the final button to complete the change is not working.

Hi, sounds like a bug, our app editor is still new (the one used on the mobile app and the site). You can also edit locations through - which up until recently was the only way to edit anything.

When referring to locations, they all have an OCM-ID number, this is very useful in working through bugs like this.

Sorry Christopher but that’s the website I was referring to in my OP. behaves exactly the same as the app does. The next button on the info page does nothing on either. It is all locations that I have tried.

I found one that works. It has a submit instead of a next button on the info pages like the broken ones.

OCM-110759 is one of the broken ones I could not submit an edit for.

Thanks Graham, it’s good to get feedback otherwise we don’t know anything needs fixed (it’s working for me you see) so if you use this page: the edit doesn’t get through?

Ok, I can see the issue in the app version of the editor, will investigate:

Hi @Graham and @DevinA the problem should now be resolved on the web version (you may need to refresh the page if you have editor open) . The issue was that the Network Operator wasn’t set to a value on some sites and this was causing a validation error that wasn’t displayed.

Once confirmed OK I’ll get the Android and iOS versions updated.

Thanks Christopher. Seems to be all fixed!

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Thank you, it’s working fine on the web version now!

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FYI the fixes have been rolled out the Android and iOS versions as well.