How to delete a charging location on map?

Hello, how I can delete a location (useless duplicate on the map)? Theres no « delete » option anywhere to be found.

On the ‘Info’ step of the map editor ( choose Removed (Decommissioned) or Removed (Duplicate Listing) from the operational status list.

Out of interest I noted that on one of your edits ( the change was marked as an automated data import (ADFC). How did you do that?

… and in your edit for you set the usage cost to be $12.08, that sounds like an odd price per kwh. Note that this field is for the usage cost (usually per kWh or per unit of time), not how much it cost you in total last time you used it. (may this is $12.08 per hour?)

Thanks you for the reply. I will go to the « info » step and select this.

« Automated Data Import » : I dont know what you mean. Ive simply edited the charging point like I did for the other locations Ive done. Can you explain?

About the 12.08$, yes its hourly. And thats one of the reason I asked in another post to add a function to reedit our change if we note a mistake or forgot something before it get revised.

Since its the first time I edit charging point, I was a little too speedy and I made several attemps errors and corrections.

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Christopher are you the country (Canada) Editor?

No, I administer the software. Very occasionally I approve edits if nobody else has done it.

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