How can I view all charging stations of a specific town/city?

Hi there! For my academic project, I want to calculate the current amount of charging stations in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. Before I can make that calculation, I first want to view all charging stations in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, am not succeeding in accomplishing this. I tried to use “Amsterdam” as a query in the API url:

import requests
import pandas as pd
import json

key = “****”
countrycode = “NL”

url = f"{key}?output=json&countrycode={countrycode}&town=amsterdamt&compact=true&verbose=false"

parameters = {
key: “****”,
countrycode: “NL”

response = requests.get(url, params=parameters)
json_response = json.loads(response.content)

data = response.json()

My response is a JSON file with a random amount of Dutch cities, but not filtered by “Amsterdam”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, we don’t have a town filter but if you can provide a simplified polygon (encoded as a polyline like Utilitário codificador interativo de polilinha  |  Plataforma Google Maps  |  Google Developers) for the area then that would work. See our API documentation: you would provide the encoded polyline as polygon=<encoded polyline> in the query URL. Alternatively you can use a bounding box or a search around a latitude/longitude with a given radius then filter the results yourself. Addresses are approximate information and may be incomplete.

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