How can i take all Charging station data on Country based?

Hi everyone, i work on a ev charging station map app on ios with MapBox map. I tried to take stations from API but it gives me just 100 station but i want to all in Turkey or Germany. how can i get approx. 500+ station data?

Example requests:{}{}

You have specified the query string component ‘?’ twice and so that’s not a valid url. Just use &key= instead of ?key=

I am absolutely speechless… Thank you so much!

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I’m having exact same problem.

This is my url:

maxresults is 300 but I’m seeing only 100 items :frowning:

You need to double check your actual URL that your app is using and look for messed up URL formatting or a typo. If I try the exact URL you linked with a real API key (n Google Chrome) I get 300 results.