GridServe Electric Highway

Hi all,

Few questions about GridServe and Electric Highway. GridServe have taken over Electric Highway from Ecotricity and are in the process of upgrading the pre-existing chargers.

In this process they are upgrading largely to new 120kW chargers, but currently most are supply limited to 60kW. This is causing ABRP to select chargers where perhaps it shouldn’t as it thinks they are 120kW capable.

Is there an easy way to bulk edit them to 60kW or would it be a process of editing them one by one?

Also does OCM support integration to other providers? I see that GS have recently integrated to ZapMap, although I have no idea on the technicality of the integration.


I don’t understand, are you saying we have chargers listed as 120kW but they are in fact 60kW?

They chargers themselves are 120kW but they are limited by the incoming electric supply currently to 60kW.

One day the supply will be increased to allow 120kW but at the moment the most they can do is 60kW, so that is what they should be rated at so that things like ABRP can calculate en-route charging properly and not over estimate the charge speed.