GB-T DC charger plug in Costa Rica


I live in Costa Rica (Central America) and right now there are being installed 28 new DC 100 kW fast chargers with 3 kind of plugs: CCS 1, Chademo and GB-T.

Is there a way to add this 3 plugs to the chargers? I can only add CCS or Chademo, but GB-T is not available right now in the app.


Hi, the app limits selections to common connectors for a given country, we need to add a search option.

As a workaround, you can browse to the location using this page: then click edit and from there you can edit the equipment details and choose any connector, we have a few options for GB-T connectors.

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Awesome! Thanks Christopher!

I have done some edits and added 2 new chargers with your workaround… waiting approval. :+1:

Thanks, I’ve also set your account as a Country Editor for Costa Rica, so your edits won’t need approval from now on (changes may still take a few minutes to update).