Flutter / Mobile returning 503

Hey all,

I’m new in, just fiddling around with some data points and a new framework Flutter.

So I wanted to grab the data from here to demonstrate a few things,
I can get the data fine in the Browser or Insomnia,
But when I make the request from my app (requests working fine for other data points),
I am getting 503… Any clues at all?

I have added the app id and key in the URL as stated. Feels like I’m missing something simple.
Also is there any documentation on the return codes?

My request


Oh, so it started working, probably just took a few minutes for the app to get registered on the back end. Only other change i made was to include the User-Agent header duplicating the appId.

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Hi Aiden, so the User Agent is pretty important as there a bunch of generic ones that are banned for spamming the API/being robots.

The error 503 is probably a combination of the service refusing the connection and our cloudflare worker not knowing how to handle that response, I guess!