Feature request - "typical speed" option

There are many charging stations in my region (Eastern Canada) which claim to have charging speeds of 100 to 350kW but which in fact have only provided 50kW for months (according to Plugshare data at least). It would not be accurate to relabel them as 50kW because they might be fixed eventually, but users of ABRP and other services that rely on OCM will consistently be misled in their route planning. I would like to see a separate “typical speed” field and that the existing speed ratings be labelled “peak capacity” or something.

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Interesting! Charging speed will vary by vehicle and your state of charge. If the chargers simply have incorrect data (they do not support the higher kW) then they should be updated with a new limit. This would need to be confirmed, as anecdotal evidence (while useful) is not really enough justification to update the technical specification.

If the kW limit is with the vehicle then they should stay the same and apps like ABRP could instead estimate your likely charge rate based on a charging curve and vehicle limitations.

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Neither case really applies here I think. It is demonstrable that there are chargers that can in principle provide a given charge but that regularly provide a lower charge even when connected to a car that can accept the full charge. Not a question of an incorrect technical spec but presumably an issue with the reliability of the connection to the grid. (The frequency that a given charger delivers no charge at all because it may be often broken is a related but separate issue).

If a charger only ever delivers 50kW you are free to edit the listing to correct that, reality matters more than theoretical specs.