Fastned arrives in France

4 Fastned stations are now opened (and added in OCM) in France.
Hope there will be much more :wink:

01 - Fastned Aire de Gevrey-Chambertin, Morey-Saint-Denis
02 - Fastned Aire de Pont Chêne d’Argent, Pont
03 - Fastned Aire de Pont Val de Saône, Pont
04 - Fastned Aire d’Écot, Écot
Stations : 4 Stalls : 32
22 kW : 8
50 kW : 8
300 kW : 16



Thanks Didier! That reminds me that Fastned were talking about OCPI data imports with us a couple of years ago:

@Dave when we were talking about OCPI I mentioned Fastned were keen - looking back at my email I dropped the ball when they sent through the contract (as discussed, I don’t want OCM to sign individual contracts with networks). I think if we put together a portal/page for networks which got them to provide their OCPI endpoint, a token for us to use, and an agreement text saying we can redistribute the data under a creative commons license), which we then record as their official agreement. Fastned specifically said they don’t want us to include their “dynamic data” so I guess that means live status, so we’d need a flag for whether or not we are permitted to use that category of data (and text to define it).

There’s no reason we couldn’t start importing OCPI even if we have yet to improve our own data model to preserve more of the information (after all, imports can be refreshed whenever). I can provide you some data from their staging API if it’s of interest [I also have a possible OpenAPI/swagger definition for OCPI that could help with model generation].

If we import an OCPI “stream”, we can save it locally, and import it at any time.

I’d like for us to consider making all data Open, and if that means replacing data previously loaded, then we should consider that as an option - or contacting the data owner and get permission to remove the license. Like you say, it could mean that there is a subset of the data that is open, but certain aspects are not.

Who’s the best to start looking into that? Is there a list of data sources?

@Dave if you message me your eMail address I can forward you the latest discussion with Fastned - I just sent them a follow up email with roughly this same proposal.

Yes, I think all the data we work with or make available through our API should basically be as open and public as possible, which also makes licensing conversations simple yes/no. Currently when we de-duplicate an import we do so in favour of the data we already have (so points near existing data are not imported) and there is a list of our data providers and their licenses in the Data Provider section of our core reference data (, in the DataProvider table of our database clone and here We have some data from providers which is less clear cut and eventually needs to be retired/replaced.

I think if we can provide a standardised on-ramp for networks to feed us and agree to redistribution under our terms, it opens up the possibility for the community members to approach their local networks and encourage them to provide data. Historically we had to write data imports specifically for each feed and I want to retire all of these.

We do need to re-think edits (on top of imported data) and how that should flow, it’s always been a tricky topic and currently we assume responsibility/control for the POI as soon as it’s edited (delisting the original and marking it as the parent).

2 new Fastned stations opened today on A6 Highway in north of Lyon.

  • Fastned Aire de Dracé
  • Fastned Aire de Saint-Ambreuil

Stations : 6 Connections : 60
Type 2 AC 22 kW : 12
Chademo DC 50 kW : 16
CCS DC 300 kW : 32

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New Fastned stations opened today on A5 highway south of Paris.

  • Fastned Aire des Jonchets - Les Récompenses
  • Fastned Aire des Jonchets - La Grande Paroisse

Stations : 8 Connections : 78
Type 2 AC 22 kW : 16
Chademo 50 kW : 22
CCS DC 150 kW : 12
CCS DC 300 kW : 28

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New Fastned stations opened on A6 highway south of Paris.

  • Fastned Aire d’Achères la Forêt

Stations : 9 - Connections : 86
22 kW : 18
50 kW : 24
150 kW : 12
300 kW : 32

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