Electra HPC Operator in France

Electra (https://www.go-electra.com) opened their first HPC station near Paris.

Aubervilliers Lab Village mobilité
2x150 kW CCS + 2x225 kW CCS

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Electra open their second station

Great station ! Thanks for the photos.
Looks very convenient, close to the highway exit :smiley:

Hello for information :

The open source data for this new operator :

The Beaune station is missing :frowning:

Even another one, seems in total 4 stations are open, 2 only are listed in this file so far … let’s see how the file get updated.

You’re right, there is one in Maurepas and another one in Ecully.
Did you added them by yourself here ?

No, I was just doing the comparison between Official electra website and what they submitted to the data.gouv.fr website.