Edit Creation/Opening Date

i have been using OpenCharge for a while and I recently get amused by the API system, with I used to better monitor the grid development using PowerBi for the Italian market (just for fun , not any other particular reason)
Based on the API download output, I see there are different dates saved on the DB, in particular DateCreated and DateVerified.
Is there any way to change/edit the dates, in particular DateCreated? Or better , would it possible/make sense to add a sort of “OperationalDate” to be editable (may bewith a default value equal to create date)?

I found useful to filter the charging points based on the last added date, to see grid development, but often that date is quite far from the real opening date of the charger. I.e recently someone changed the Tesla Supercharger San Giovanni Teatino OCM-170871, so it appears just a new point while it has been operational since few years (and also it looks a duplication and wrongly placed…)

By the way, if you need support to validate Italian charging point, I am available