Duplicate Stations in the Western US

I’ve been fixing the powers and quantities of the major CCS travel chargers in the Western US (manually) and have noticed quite a few duplicates. Hopefully I am not inadvertently causing the issues.

For example, in Casa Grande, Arizona:
OCM ID=137829: 1x 40 kW CCS, 1x 40 kw CHAdeMO → INCORRECT
OCM ID= 138769: 2x 350 kW CCS, 2x 150 kW CCS, 1x 50 kW CHAdeMO → CORRECT

I could provide a list of OCM ID’s of the duplicates if this would help. Note that I am programmatically eliminating the bad duplicates in my app. but ideally these get fixed at the root source, which is the original OCM data.

Note that I fixed OCM-137686 and OCM-138626 (manually in OCM by marking OCM-137686 as a duplicate) before realizing that it seems to be a system issue with OCM.



Hmmm. I think I am responsible for that duplicate in Casa Grande having edited (and maybe added) OCM ID 138769. I guess I should be the one to mark one or the other as a duplicate.

Which brings up the question: The incorrect listing is from afdc.energy.gov If that one is listed as a duplicate it there any issue in conflating a new import of data from afdc.energy.gov with an entry contributed by an individual.

Second question: Is there a way to see the edit history for a station?

Hey there Ioniq5! I’ve also been using afdc.energy.gov as a data source and it appears that much of the U.S. and Canadian data in OCM originated from that data source.

Unfortunately, AFDC is a non-ideal data source. It’s vary generalized with many columns for all sorts of alternate fuel types not applicable to EV charging. Each station is generally a single row in the downloadable spreadsheet. There is a single ‘Fast Charger’ count for each station without a breakdown of the type/power mix is. In fact there is no power column at all. The best that can be gleaned is that it CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla or Level 2 or Level 1.

I’ll be hiking the next five or so months but when I get back I may try to see if the various North American providers could provide detailed station information include type, and quantity at each power level. Seems like it would be in the providers’ interests since so many North Americans plan our EV trips using the ABRP app which uses OCM station data. Plus, PlugShare was purchased by EVGO I understand.

Okay, it turns out the duplication was not too bad. Only 14 stations appeared to be duplicates (same provider within 100 meters.)

About half were not actually duplicates but instead were Tesla stations in which dissimilar banks of chargers are somewhat separated AND which Tesla lists the charger banks as separate stations.

I’ve followed the lead of the providers by only eliminating duplicates when the provider shows just a single station at that location. So all the DCFC duplicates in the Western U.S. that should be fixed (in my opinion) have now been fixed.

Thank you!

Both for noticing and for fixing.

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