Download data for Ireland

Hi Christopher,

I want to download the data of charging points in Ireland for my academic project. Request your help / guidance to download the same in CSV / Excel format.

Thank you!

Priyanka H.

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To download OCM data the normal way is to use the API, in the case of Ireland it depends if you need want to include Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK). You would then need to remove data you didn’t need from the other parts of the UK.

Example API call to download a CSV file:,GB

Note that CSV is the simplest to work with in things like excel but JSON is the best overall format for fidelity of information (CSV is just a subset of the data fields we have).


@Christopher Thanks Christopher!

I’m trying following link to download the data but I’m getting only 100 results (results of data created in last 7 days i.e. 19th May to 26th May only).

I’m not very well versed with programming hence any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Priyanka H.


When I try the following I get 789 results (the total for ireland):