Different colour for ultra-rapid chargers?

Has there been any thought to how to differentiate ultra-rapid chargers? A different colour maybe?

I’m thinking of perhaps 175+ kW being the cut off. This would mean that, for example, 50 kW public fast chargers and 120-150 kW Tesla superchargers (V2) would be orange; and then 175-350 kW public ultra-rapid chargers and 250 kW Tesla superchargers (V3) would be the next colour.

I notice your colours are identical to what Plugshare use - not sure who came first - but whatever is decided should probably remain consistent across both!

I can’t actually think of a good colour. Red has Tesla-specific connotations. Silver/gold perhaps, although silver looks like grey which is used for “in use” chargers.

Hi, yes we had different colours originally but as PlugShare is the defacto standard app in many countries it felt like the right thing to do to normalise the colour scheme at least. We don’t have any influence over PlugShare so we’d probably just go with something similar to what they use. Every now and again new apps become popular that have other ideas (there’s one I forget the name of that has manufacturer/connector colour schemes) or we could invent something new that users can choose.

If you are a developer we could use help, I have very little time to make changes currently. Icons are generated by an Inkscape script: https://github.com/openchargemap/ocm-docs/tree/master/Branding and icon selection is applied dynamically by the app depending on the characteristics of the POI : https://github.com/openchargemap/ocm-app/blob/master/src/app/core/Utils.ts#L50