Data not same as google map for type and power

take Google Maps as example. Google show CCS 150KW, OCM API show type2 12KW. And I do not know how to get the CCS 150KW from API.

Please find the POI using and if it wrong submit an edit or ask the charging network to provide Open Charge Map with an OCPI data feed so we can accurately promote their network:

The problem is I do not know which data is correct.

Our data comes from two sources:

  • Data imports where networks themselves provide data to us. Sometime this is via an intermediate data source such as a government sponsored open data project specific to a region. Some such imports are retired because they were no longer accurate.
  • Users submitting data themselves. This is a last resort really as they are unlikely to get the exact technical specification correct every time, but it’s the only data we have.

Generally you would go the website of the charging network and verify what they say is current. Google certainly have the budget and influence to get networks to cooperate in keeping their data up to date, and we certainly don’t.