Country editors for Romania


If there is a shortge of editors for this region I would like to become one.


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Hi Alex,

Sure, I’ve updated your OCM account to be a country Editor for Romania. Your edits will take effect within a few minutes of being submitted rather than waiting in the edit queue for approval.

You can see new locations waiting to be approved here:

And you can see edits waiting to be approved here:

If I’m honest, our editors system really needs a few improvements, but see how you get on.

Hi there,

I live in east side of Romania (Galati) and I plan to add and validate all the chargers in the region. It seems that is really missing a lot recently. I also manage a local community of EV owners so they can also provide support.

If is needed, I would like to be a country editor. Otherwise, can you let me know how many/who is currently country editors for Romania?



No problem - I’ve made you a country editor for Romania, your contributions are much appreciated!

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Thank you Christopher,

Congrats for your (and your team) work. I have to admit that I discovered OCM quite late, due to the fact that I am an EV owner since recent (1,5 years) and also because of the late adoption of EV in Romania. Only in the last two years the EV became more popular and public chargers adoption was quite slow.

But now, this are moving very fast in Romania, the increase is exponential and many cities are installing chargers every day. Therefore I would expect people will start exploring more apps and sources for information.

I like that OCM is open source so I will promote it as much as possible while contributing myself and with the local communities to be up to date.

There are already alternative services (biggest is PlugShare) but an alternative is welcome and have the potential to become better and more reliable.

I have pushed to github already the Romanian translation (as this is mandatory) and I would suggest some new features (like checkins and price per connector) and work on dedicated Android app.

Best regards,

Hi Bobby, thanks - Open Charge Map started in 2011 but it’s not as well known to drivers as some other apps as we aim to be the data source for other apps and services rather than to make the app itself.

So for example, A Better Route Planner uses a lot of Open Charge Map data but there are also hundreds of other apps and services using the data (including some navigation providers etc). Our API serves several millions queries per month.

We do have an Android (and iOS) app and also have checkins (comments) but those features are rarely used in our system. As you say, most people doing that are using Plugshare (which is a $25M company owned by EvGo) and we are a community project (there’s no team as such but there are regular data contributors).

Thanks Christopher, got it, sounds good, understand the purpose.
I just seen now, indeed that ABRP is using OCM data (stations submitted few days ago are already available in ABRP). That is absolutely great, as it has a good purpose.

Btw, OCM android app is not available for my device (Samsung S23, Android 13), any idea why? (cannot find it in store, while on browser it states This app is available for some of your devices.)

I will commit thou to promote OCM moving forward for sure. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Probably because I haven’t updated it in a while - the app in android /ios is just an older version of so the advantage of using the installed version is just that you get a home screen icon to click on.