China numbers are ok?

In webarchive 2019 and 2020 China number of stations is above 1500, but now the website shows that there are only 144 stations. A bit strange. Why is that ? Di something change in the country ?

Sorry, no idea why that would be. Please provide a link to your source material.

Christopher, the source is
You can see that China has 144 stations today. Back in 2020, on this same page, it was more than 1500 stations.
Why did the number of stations dramatically decrease ?

Looking at the edit history for a few items, many items were introduced via a scripted update maintained by @Simon_Hewison (probably mostly the tesla superchargers) many were duplicates (so for instance if there where 10 stalls there were 10 entries) and this was later deduplicated.

Our data for China is generally really really bad and most of it should probably just be deleted. (Many) years ago we had a import and the data from that was garbled and shouldn’t have been kept, but as we have very few users from China performing updates the data has stayed. I’d ignore the China data entirely.

Data quality is the responsibility of the community, so if it sucks it’s because the current community doesn’t care about that data (no users in that geographic region). If you know people who could contribute Open Data for china that would be great.